HB: Activities and events can be exported as CSV-file. When I open it by double clicking, columns are a mess, why’s that?

It’s usually better idea to import the file. For example in Excel, use “Data-From text”. This way you have the control and automated functions can’t brake the data…

In opening Text import wizard:
Step 1/3, use option “Delimited”
Step 2/3, use option “Semicolon”, since HB’s exported files use it as default
Step 3/3 , use option “Text” AFTER selecting all columns (Shift+mouse click)

HB: I’m a farrier, can i still use HB?

Sure. All stuff there is not that useful for you, but it’s possible. BUT…we are developing own “virtual toolbox” for farriers, so wait and you get tools that meet your needs better! Current status (2/2021): consept pretty much ready, searching best tools to create the package.

HB: I own a horse and my neighbour owns a horse, can we order order and use the same one service together?

Yes. If sharing the data is not a problem between you, it’s totally ok. What ever group is fine. If you want to have separate invoices, don’t use the webshop to order, contact through email/phone instead.

WEBSHOP: Can’t add anything to the shopping cart!!!

🙂 You must first fill and save the “Product customization” information.

HB: Is my data safe?

Yes, whole domain is backed up every night + databases/platform/userdata twice/week.