Basic Features


You can save, modify and remove information about shoeing, trimming, vet or clinic visit to one place. Also riding events can be saved to the system. You can search through the saved information and check different kinds of reports to see for example what kind of events occurred and what was the cost. Event and ridings can include several photos of hoofs or what ever important. You can use special event, for example order farrier because of loose shoe. Basic shoeing/trimming can be “automated”, so that you get email remainder when next time is near.


Add all information about your horses to the system. Events are tagged to right horse when events are made. Care information can be included to horse information and given to new people, so the training is much faster and easier.


You can have different kind of groups with certain rights. Basic groups are: Stable/horse owner, farrier, vet, rider and stable worker. Every group can have as many people in them as necessary. By default Stable/horse owner has rights to add, modify and remove people in groups. User accounts are shareable, for example, if farrier has been working for other stable and is already using Hoofbook, you can ask us to add the same farrier under your stable…this way only one user account is needed for everybody using the system, while they can work for many. Notice that groups and rights can be customized.


Hoofbook has internal communication system, little bit like email, but all information stays inside Hoofbook. You can communicate with your group.

If you want, you can create and maintain website for your stable/horse with familiar and secure WordPress platform (over third of all websites use WordPress). Website can be public or private. There’s over 55000 plugins for WordPress, so it’s quite easy to expand the site.

Use with any device, no installations, no upgrades. You just need an web browser.


Hoofbook is built on high end plugin for WordPress. It’s very flexible without any coding. So we can offer you a lot of possibilities to customize your Hoofbook stable the way you need. No coding means also easier maintenance in the future and nice price.